Keeping up with the current era

As we all know, we are in the era of speed, people are getting easier accessibilities and all facilities exist. Amongst these, the digital currency investment, as a large portion of the population are investing in it seeking better fortune in a short period of time. With this, we wanted to engage our investors offering them the chance to be investors in reality..

Easy Investment

In the previous period of time people faced a lot of obstacles to find the right way to invest and succeed in being investors because of the lack of technology and the global trading, however nowadays it is much easier to play it smart not hard and invest with only a click of a button.

Ambitious Developing Team

Luckily a group ambitious team met with well-experienced investors to share and hardly work together tending to achieve great goals that can reflect their own fingerprints and contributions to the world and striving to become leaders of the future.


This means all the power will belong to the fans. There won’t be any central authorities that could restrict, limit, the control of the investors to get their investments.




The Golden Regent Investment project has a super high-end expectations.

The GRI Car Rental Investment:

GRI team will provide the investors with the first revenue resources, buy developing a collection of cars that could be rented within the professional partners companies, till there will be a fleet of vehicles that can feed the investing wallet to move toward the higher goals.

The GRI Hotel:

The GRI Hotel is one of a huge hospitality projects chain that will be implemented as a first project after the launching of the GRI token. This project will have the aspirations to compete with a lot of high-brand hotels worldwide. All holders of GRI will be investors under well-studied conditions that save the rights of the people who spent their time and money to be real investors with us.

The GRI City (LEED Certified):

It is a large-scale city that this GRI project tends to fulfill whenever the Hotel Chain is implemented worldwide and the investors are ready to get into the trip of having contributions and their own properties.


Breakdown of GRI Token.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.



Our team working hardly to reach and break the limits and land the project successfully in the market.


Future Partners


Learn More about our project using these documents.

White Paper (2022)
Roadmap (2022)
Privacy Policy (2022)
Terms of use (2022)
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Below we’ve provided a bit of general information about the project, If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is GRI Coin?

The origin of the GRI project begins with noticing the risk caused to all people by trading in cryptocurrency, buying a certain amount of a certain coin and living the risk of the appreciation and depreciation of the graph, in addition to the probability of losing the value of the amount bought and getting out of this process with no revenues.

To protect the interests of investors and ensure the healthy long-term operation of the project, in addition to the regulations on the use of the GRI tokens, the team designed a lockup mechanism for some development funds.

The Golden Regent Investment project has a super high-end expectation, towards improving our way of investing and facilitating the process on all interested people, work toward a futuristic sustainable life that should be provided for all people and this will happen in different stages and many projects worldwide.

In GRI this probability is null, from the first time you invest in GRI, you become a partner in the investment, the amount you invest in GRI won’t stay in the wallet, it will become an existed investments that stand in front of your eyes

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